Tendring 3 - 0 Rhinos St. Philips

Report by Skye Gullatt

Sunday 11th of November, Tendring women's team defeat the St. Phillips- Cambridge women’s team in a 3-0 sweep at home in their first Cup Match (25-14, 25-12, 25-14).


What seemed like a rough start to the season with a 3-0 record for the Tendring Women’s team has quickly started to turn around as the ladies bring home back to back wins in three sets.

Running a fast offense, tough serves and all out defense made for big plays from the young but promising women’s team. With Erica Mórawski leading in digs, passing was a major component for the weekend’s “W.” “Things are beginning to really fall into place,” Coach and stand out right side, Colleen King, comments after the victory.

The first set opened with a service run for Lois Chitticks for a 6 point lead over the Rhinos. The Tendring women’s passing lead Lois Chitticks to her season’s best performance with her highest assists for the season. Mechelle Daniel makes the team's most dynamic plays on the outside look effortless with such stellar passing and several assists. Tendring stays in a comfortable lead for the entire set for the 25-14 set win.

Set two was not as comfortable for the Tendring women. The St. Phillips- Cambridge Rhinos open up with an 8 to 2 lead over the home team but not for long. The ladies fight to close the gap. Middle Blocker, Skye Gullatt goes on a 12 point service run for an 8 point lead over the Rhinos. The home team wins set 2, 25- 12.

Set three begins with a point for point battle between the teams as the Rhinos challenge the competition after a 2-0 set deficit. However, the Tendring team does does not fold under pressure. Instead, they rise to the challenge. Middle Blocker, Milly Smith adding a couple blocks and a few aces to shut down the Rhinos in the final set. The Tendring Women’s team takes home the win in their first Cup Match.

Next up, don’t miss the Tendring Women’s team taking on Wessex away, Saturday 18th of November at 2:30 pm.