Tendring Ladies 2-3 Pulsepoint London Orcars

25-19, 24-26, 22-25, 25-20, 11-15

Report by Erica Morawski

Tendring Ladies’ last game before the Christmas break against Pulsepoint London Orcas took place at the University of Essex. Tendring Ladies dominated the first set with the help of the key players, Mechell Daniel started with her strong and consistent serving led the team ahead of London Orcas 8-1.

Lena Bitadou kept the strong defence on their side which helped Molly Van Essen assists the ball to their offences players led by Colleen King and Emily Bell who showed their efficiency and strong hitting. Milly Smith finished the set with 3 aces points on serving which bring Tendring Ladies one set ahead of 25-19.

In the 2nd set, Tendring Ladies maintained the high level of energy and again started well, however London Orcas team did not give up and started to kick their game up which put both teams going head to head with points. London Orcas took a lead but Tendring Ladies did not show any weaknesses with one of their best offence player Mechell Daniel leading the team to reach 24-24 to London Orcas. After a close fight of Tendring Ladies on the second set London Orcas took the set of 26-24.

As London Orcas started playing well, Tendring Ladies maintained their focus on the 3rd set of the game, Skye Gullatt maintained the strong blocks against big offence from London Orcas team which led the team to the first time out of the set 8-7. Again, both teams are going head to head with points, Tendring Ladies libero Lena Bitadou kept the ball alive with her high level defence which helped their setter Molly Van Essen to carry on assisting the balls to their experiences offence players Collen King and Mechell Daniel. Both teams continue showing high level of performances, unfortunately London Orcas took their second set of win 25-22, which led them (2-1) one set ahead of Tendring Ladies.

Tendring Ladies kept their heads held high and continue showing high level of energy, performing well on the 4th set the team took a lead of 8-4. One of their best middle player Milly Smith kept the team’s strong and consistent block against big offence from London Orcas side. Tendring Ladies maintained their focus and kept the balls alive on their side, one of the leading players Colleen King used her efficiency and strong hitting kept the team to dominate the 4th set winning of 25-20.

Reaching the fifth set shows both teams are really fighting to win the game. Both side did not give up and displayed high level of performances. London Orcas took a lead but Tendring Ladies maintained their game and showed a great fight, it was London Orcas that took the final set 15-11. A disappointing score for the home team however the game displayed the amazing talent in the Tendring’s women 2017/18 squad.

Next up, don’t miss the Tendring Ladies first matches of 2018 away, taking on Pulsepoint London Orcas and Oxford Students on Saturday 13th of January at 18:30 pm and Sunday 14th January at 11:30 am.