Sunday the 1st of November saw Tendring Heatec, 28 games unbeaten; take on Southend Comets in Southend. The late weekend fixture began with Southend Comets starting without their normal setter. Southend started slowly, allowing Heatec to accumulate points as a result of confusion within their own ranks. The fog encompassing all of Essex seemed to also be blinding Southend’s efforts on the court. Heatec’s setter Nick Davies spread the play well, particularly finding Simon Ibbotson very well.  Good backcourt work from stand in coach Neil Masters contributed to Heatec’s strong performance. Heatec were well organised throughout the first set and comfortably saw the Comets of 25-21.


The second set started in better fashion for Southend with a couple of service runs putting Heatec under pressure early on. Good serving from Nick Davies and well-placed middle hitting from Steve Parsons pinned Southend back to level pegging.  The second set saw Heatec’s Jack Bruce come into the game. Some very good wipe offs through the outside frustrated Southend immensely. Southend came out second best to Heatec in the second set after frustration boiled over. Incorrectly disputed centre line violations wound up Southend and Heated got to the 25-point maker first.

The third set saw good middle work from jet setter Joe Cook starting his first game this season after returning from Mexico.  The third set saw a substitution for Southend Comets. A new setter came into the game. Michael Welham was alert to the change and read the setter well to put their offence under pressure with his immense block presence. A fantastic service run and more impressive swinging from Jack Bruce saw Heatec absolutely annihilate Southend Comets. Solid passing from Tom Dean further frustrated Southend. Heatec brought about a double sub on match point brining Neil Masters on to set and Steve Parsons through the opposite position. The sub however was irrelevant as Southend served out to allow Heatec to win the third set 25-7.

Man of the Match went to Jack Bruce for his outstanding hitting display.