On Sunday Tendring arrived at Salford ready to redeem themselves after their poor performance on the Saturday. The first set saw a different Tendring take to the court, with solid serve receive, effective communication and strong hitting from all players. The first set was extremely close with the women losing 26-24, an overall impressive start by Tendring. Opening the second set, Tendring made a few changes but still kept their composure in serve receive and demonstrated a wealth of experience in the variety of their shots. This successfully disrupted Salford defence and allowed Tendring to win the second set 25-23.


In the third set Tendring faced a slightly different Salford who made constructive changed to their starting line up. Although the spirit within the Tendring camp was still strong the women eventually lost the third set 25-17. The away side brought intelligent serving into the fourth set that halted Salford’s attack and allowed Tendring to attack through all zones. A very strong fourth set performance by Tendring gave them the shot they needed to take the game to a fifth set. Tendring took the fourth set 25-21. All of the momentum now in Tendring’s favour, they opened the fifth and final set with confidence and style, gaining an early lead. Tendring showed amazing composure during this tense and critical part of the match. Focus and determination in serve receive and attack was maintained which put Salford under pressure with Tendring leading 8-6 as the two teams changed sides. Finally Tendring’s block prevailed, completing several kill blocks to secure a dramatic 16-14 win. This meant that Tendring walk away with 4 points and a successful first weekend in 2016.

The team voted Leah McWilliams as the players MVP for the weekend, with these games being her first back since her injury in October.