On Saturday the 23rd January, Tendring Ladies took on Wessex Ladies in a Super 8 League clash. The game was of great importance to both teams with both teams needing the win to push themselves up the league table. 

Set  1 started well for the Tendring Ladies with setter Jessica Lane serving well from the outset. Tendring continued to dominate this set with MVP Katerina Lamprou swinging well through the middle. Tendring’s confidence grew throughout the set and went on to comfortably win 25-20.

In set 2, Tendring’s continued to dominate during the early stages of the set with former Wessex player Milly Smith dominating at the net taking them to the first technical time out ahead of Wessex. However, after the time out Wessex found their rhythm and took charge of the set. Captain Laura Hodgkinson came on to serve. Tendring then managed clawed back a few points, however, Wessex could not be stopped and took the set 25-18.

In set 3, there was a change in Tendring Ladies team dynamics with Molly Van Essen coming on to play middle, making an instant impact on the game with a kill block. However Tendring struggled with their pass resulting in Wessex building a 7 point lead. Great defensive play from substitute Rebecca Saunders brought Tendring back to a 2 point deficit.  However this wasn’t enough for Tendring to secure the set resulting in a 19-25 loss.

In set 4, Tendring showed great character to bounce back from their previous 2 set losses. In this set there were some great rallies in this set with Leah McWilliams playing some smart shots to frustrate Wessex. Tendring continued to struggle with their pass however this was made up for by great defence, particularly from player/coach Fernanda Guimaeras. Tendring then went on to secure the set 25-19 to take it to a deciding 5th set.

In set 5, Tendring Ladies started strong with great passing from Libero Amelia Stamp to the dismay of Wessex. Francesca Smith-Daye continued to frustrate Wessex with her strong attacking at the net, allowing Tendring to gain an 8-3 advantage at the changeover. Wessex then continued to struggle with the pressure Tendring Ladies were putting on them, resulting in a red card for their coach. This momentum allowed Tendring Ladies to secure the match 15-6.


MVP went to Katerina Lambrou.