Name: Fernanda Guimarães

Date of Birth: 29/01/1992

Place of Birth: Curitiba

Nationality: Brazilian

Occupation: PE Teacher

Year Joined Tendring Volleyball Club: 2015

Started coaching: 2012

Teams Currently Coaching: Tendring Ladies

Former Clubs Coached: Positivo School, Positivo University

Started palying Vollyball: 1999

Former Clubs as a Player: Positivo School, Pinheiros Sport Club, Circulo Militar do Paraná, Araucária and Positivo University, Federal University of Paraná, Malory Eagles

Favourite Food: Brazilian BBQ

Favourite TV: Esporte Espetacular

Most annoying thing about Volleyball: Referee mistake

Favourite thing about Volleyball: Meet new people and new places

Best memory in life: My university graduation

Best memory in sport: First match as a pro player

Goal in life: Do for my family all the things they have done for me