Northumbria 2nds 1 - 3 Tendring Men

Report by Jack Bruce

23-25, 25-22, 28-26, 25-17

Tendring went out in the first set full on confidence to bring home the win but start out a little shaky. Northumbria were bringing all the firepower they could possibly throw at Tendring and took the first set 25-23.

Tendring Ladies 1 - 3 Durham

28-26, 14-25, 22-25, 10-25

Report by Chris Frost

Tendring Women played Durham over the weekend, and with a big crowd Tendring hoped to push Durham all the way.

Match Report Vs Cambridge VC Anglia Ruskin University

Report by Chris Frost
25-21, 25-17, 25-11

The third round of the national cup competition was to be played again Cambridge, who travelled up to Frinton to try and defeat Tendring to get to the quarter finals of the cup.

Manchester Marvels 2 - 3 Tendring Mens 1st

22-25, 22-25, 25-13, 25-19, 9-15

Report by Owen Lamb

An away trip to Manchester Marvels was Tendring VC’s second match of the weekend. After a disappointing loss in the previous game, they bounced back with a battling 3-2 victory over Marvels.

Newcastle Staffs v Tendring Mens 1st

25-22, 25-22, 22-25, 26-24

Report by Kosta Yiannakkos

Tendring and Newcastle staff started the first set with very good passing stats which helped Tendring leading by 6-8 and 14-16 at the technical time outs. Both teams attacked hard on the wings with Kosta Yiannakkos and Conor Walker using their height advantages.